Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Men's Beach Olympics Volleyball - History

It was 1996 and in Atlanta games, which saw annother additon of Men’s beach volleyball to the Olympics. US's Dodd/Whitmarsh were badly beaten by US's Kiraly/Steffes and got gold medal. And the beated won the silver medal. Canada's Child/Heese took bronze.
In 2000 Sydney Olympic games, US's Blanton/Fonoimoana got a gold medal against Brazil's Ze Marco/Ricardo who took silver Germany's Ahmann/Hager won bronze.
In the 2004 Athens Olympic games, Brazil's Santos/Rego took gold defeating Spain's Bosma/Herrera, who took silver. Switzerland's Kobel/Heuscher beat out the tough Australian team of Prosser/Williams for bronze.
In Beijing Olympic Games in 2008, US's Dalhausser/Rogers took gold defeating Brazil's Fábio Luiz/Márcio Araújo, who took silver. Brazil's Ricardo Santos/Emanuel Rego won the bronze

Beach Volleyball or Sand Volleyball is similar to Indoor Volleyball. Beach Volleyball evolved in Hawaii in 1915. Beach Volleyball is governed by Fédération Internationale de Volleyball (FIVB) organization. Beach Volleyball debuted as an exhibition game in 1992 Olympic. Olympic Beach Volleyball will be contested from Saturday 28th July to Thursday 9th August during 2012 Olympic London. Sport Ticket Exchange is suitable source to get Olympic Beach Volleyball Tickets.

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