Friday, 3 February 2012

Beach volly ball Champions Cup.

Champions Cup play consists of a series of matches.: Bronze Cup, Silver Cup, Gold Cup, and lastly Champions Cup.
Each Champions Cup is a series of Beach Volleyball matches.. Each match must be won at least once to unlock the next match with a difficult opponent, in this order: Dallas, Boomer, Kat, a special challenge round. A player must play a re-match against the current unbeaten Cup opponent until the player wins the match at least one time.
Each Champions Cup Beach Volleyball match consist of a single game, except the 10th and final match of each Cup level, which is played best two of three games. Bronze Cup games are played to five points, Silver Cup games to seven points, Gold Cup games to nine points, and Champions Cup games to eleven points. All games must be won by a two-point margin. (If the match becomes tied at the target score (Deuce), play continues until a player gets a two-point lead. After the fifth round of the tournament, there's is a special Challenge round; it is a shortened version of the Challenge play, with the player serving at fixed and moving targets, and is played only to score points. It cannot be lost, but it must be completed at least once to unlock the next round (against Belle.)

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