Friday, 3 February 2012

Beach Volleyball Game Play:

Beach Volleyball may be played between one or two players. The game involves volleyball matches between two teams of two members each team. With a single player, the match is played by a game-provided partner against a team of two game-provided opponents. By two players, the players may play against one another or cooperate together on the same team. If they play, the game controls a partner for each player; if the players team up, the game provides a team of two opponents. Each player use one or two Move controllers.
The court area is straight and level and clear of obstructions, divided in half with a net. The boundary of the court rectangle is marked.
One player serves the volleyball in the begging of the game. The serve is performed from behind the back line, and must go up to the net. Subsequent serves are hit by the team that won the last point.

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